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Monday, July 30, 2012

cisco router configuration, cisco iso router configuration commands

Cisco IOS Router Commands

There are 3 modes operation the Cisco IOS.
·        Disabled mode
·        Enabled mode
·        Configuration mode

Disabled mode you can use a limited number of commands. This is used primarily to monitor the router.
Enabled mode is used to show configuration information, enter the configuration mode, and make changes to the configuration.
Configuration mode is used to enter and update the runtime configuration.
To get a list of the commands for the cisco type '?' at the prompt. Further information about any command, type the command followed by  '?'.
Reset functions
Manage the system clock
Enter configuration mode
Debugging functions (see also 'undebug')
Turn off privileged commands
Turn on privileged commands
Erase flash or configuration memory
Exit from the EXEC
Description of the interactive help system
Log in as a particular user
Exit from the EXEC
Disable debugging functions
Send echo messages
Halt and perform a cold restart
Run the SETUP command facility
Show running system information
Open a telnet connection
Set terminal line parameters
Test subsystems, memory, and interfaces
Trace route to destination
Open a tunnel connection
Disable debugging functions (see also 'debug')
Verify checksum of a Flash file
Write running configuration to memory, network, or terminal

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cisco router configuration, cisco router configuration commands

Cisco Router Configuration Commands

Learn Cisco Router Configuration code, its help to config router and clear all concepts in study.

RequirementCisco Command
Set a console password to ciscoRouter(config)#line con 0
Router(config-line)#password cisco
Set a telnet passwordRouter(config)#line vty 0 4
Router(config-line)#password cisco
Stop console timing outRouter(config)#line con 0
Router(config-line)#exec-timeout 0 0
Set the enable password to ciscoRouter(config)#enable password cisco
Set the enable secret password to peter.This password overrides the enable password
and is encypted within the config file
Router(config)#enable secret peter
Enable an interfaceRouter(config-if)#no shutdown
To disable an interfaceRouter(config-if)#shutdown
Set the clock rate for a router with a DCE cable to 64KRouter(config-if)clock rate 64000
Set a logical bandwidth assignment of 64K to the serial interfaceRouter(config-if)bandwidth 64
Note that the zeroes are not missing
To add an IP address to a interfaceRouter(config-if)#ip addr
To enable RIP on all 172.16.x.y interfacesRouter(config)#router rip
Disable RIPRouter(config)#no router rip
To enable IRGP with a AS of 200, to all interfacesRouter(config)#router igrp 200
Disable IGRPRouter(config)#no router igrp 200
Static route the remote network is, with a mask of, the next hop is, at a cost of 5 hopsRouter(config)#ip route 5
Disable CDP for the whole routerRouter(config)#no cdp run
Enable CDP for he whole routerRouter(config)#cdp run
Disable CDP on an interfaceRouter(config-if)#no cdp enable

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cisco router configuration tutorial, cisco router configuration pdf

Cisco Router Configuration Tutorial

Download CISCO Router Configuration Tutorial PDF File.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

cisco ipsubnet calculator, download ipsubnet calculator, subnetting calculator

Download ipsubnet calculator

  • This Calculator Helpful for who study in networking.
  • It is Helpful tools for CISCO Networking.
  • It is easily calculate any IP Network Address and All Host Address List.
  • Its help to Calculate Number of Subnet and Host.

For Download:  Click

Friday, July 27, 2012

cisco packet tracer download, cisco packet tracer

Download Cisco Packet Tracer Tutorial 

Cisco Packet Tracer Download Link: Click

CCNA exploration 4.0 curriculum and course installers, cisco certification exam curriculum , Cisco network curriculum part 1 to 4 download

Download CCNA Exploration 4.0 Curriculum and Course installers

CCNA Exploration Curriculum is 4 Part (CCNA-1, CCNA-2, CCNA-3 and CCNA-4)


Part 1 to 4Cisco Certification Exam Tutorial part 1 to 4 download

For CISCO Network Certification Exam, Need To complete CCNA Exploration Curriculum Part 1to 4. Its help you certified.

This Curriculum provide from Cisco network academy.

·        In Part 1 includes 11 chapters discuss about Network Fundamentals.
·        Part 2 also includes 11 chapters discuss about Routing Protocols and Concept.
·        Part 3 includes 7 chapters discuss about LAN Switching and Wireless.
·        Part 4 includes 8 chapters discuss about Access the WAN.

In Part 1 Chapter 6 and 11 is most important (Sub-netting and Configuration). Whole part 1 to 4 required this.

Download CCNA Exploration Curriculum 1 to 4

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