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Monday, December 31, 2012

CCNA 2 Final Skill Exam Simple, eigrp configureation Solution


· The router name is EB2.
Router(config)# hostname EB2

· The privileged EXEC mode uses the following encrypted password: class.

EB2(config)#enable secret class

Enable Telnet and console line logins and use the following password: cisco.

EB2(config)#line vty 0 4
EB2(config)#password class

· Configure the banner message-of-the-day as Authorized access only!
EB2(config)#banner motd %Authorized access only!%

b. Using the Addressing Table, configure and activate all the necessary interfaces on E-Branch2.
c. Configure correct host IP addressing.

EB2#show ip interface brief
EB2#show ip route

Configure EPC2 with the last IP address in the subnet.
Default gateway

Configure EPC4 with the last IP address in the subnet.
Default gateway

Step 2: Discover the Network.

a. Explore the network to determine the IP address of the serial interface that EastHQ uses to connect to E-Branch2.
b. Remotely access EastHQ.
EB2# show interfaces
EB2# show cdp neighbors
EB2# show ip route

EB2# telnet

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