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Thursday, May 23, 2013

ccna 4 chapter 5 question and answer, cisco question and answer, cisco tutorial

CCNA 4 Chapter 5 Question and Answer

(Total 26 Question and Answer)

1. The following commands were entered on a router: 
Router(config)# access-list 2 deny 
Router(config)# access-list 2 permit any 
The ACL is correctly applied to an interface. What can be concluded about this set of commands?
The wildcard mask is assumed.
The access list statements are misconfigured.
All nodes on the network will be denied access to other networks.
No traffic will be allowed to access any nodes or services on the network. 
2. Interface s0/0/0 already has an IP ACL applied inbound. What happens when the network administrator attempts to apply a second inbound IP ACL?
The second ACL is applied to the interface, replacing the first.
Both ACLs are applied to the interface.
The network administrator receives an error.
Only the first ACL remains applied to the interface.
3. Which two statements are correct about extended ACLs? (Choose two)
Extended ACLs use a number range from 1-99.
Extended ACLs end with an implicit permit statement.
Extended ACLs evaluate the source and destination addresses.
Port numbers can be used to add greater definition to an ACL.
Multiple ACLs can be placed on the same interface as long as they are in the same direction.

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